​Why choose Serendipity's Hair Care & Nail Salon?

​My purpose is to make a win win situation.
I love doing hair and enjoy people. When my husband passed away I saw a purpose come out of something negative. A need for loving care in and out of the salon. THAT is why my business name is Serendipity's . I believe people are brought together to tell their stories and help each other out. In and out of hospitals there was a need for hair care, mani's and pedi's not only for patients but care givers AND someone they could talk to ... I'm that person because I've been there... I've walked in there shoes. So, telling you about my business is just that... helping those that can walk thru the doors and those that I need to walk to them. Hair, Nails, Waxing and a good sounding board. That's my business. That's who I am!
How do I look at my clients?  Like ... Walking billboards.... If there is a problem, something that needs to be tweeked, re-did, or you need to discuss an issue... All you have to do is CALL or let me know... I have a one week grace period to correct issues.  Just as you are human ...SO am I , I make mistakes just like everyone else, sometimes just simple as misunderstanding.  BUT I can't fix it if I don't know there's an issue.  I WANT a POSITIVE billboard not a negative one.  So, PLEASE don't hesitate in letting me know your concerns.....   Why do I have this policy... Because I Care... I want to make you a happy client and hopefully one that will return...
Due to ​NO SHOWS & NO CALLS I have no choice but to start taking DEPOSITS on all NEW CLIENTS... Credit Card information will be taken but not USED unless you are a NO SHOW.  I apologize for any inconvienance but do to loss of time and $ for these appts. that have been missed I have no choice. 
Thank you for understanding...​